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The water pressure from the hose creates a suction effect, which pulls leaves and debris into the collection bag. So the pool jet vacuum cleaner is a Equipment without Power Supply, which is safe to be used underwater.

Easy to assemble
The pool jet vacuum cleaner is easy to assemble. No need of complex process, you can assemble the whole pool jet vacuum cleaner quickly.

The pool jet vacuum cleaner is made of premium and high quality plastic material, which ensures the max durability.

The pool jet vacuum cleaner is compact and easy to carry. Its simple design bring much convenience for your life.

Scope of application
The pool jet vacuum cleaner is suitable for cleaning swimming pool, spa, pond and fountain, etc. The pool jet vacuum cleaner is suitable for standard garden hose.


Type: pool jet vacuum cleaner
Quantity: 1 set
Material: plastic
Interface size:
Upside diameter: 3cm/1.18inch
Bottom diameter: 3.5cm/ 1.38inch
Height: 6cm/ 2.36inch
Net weight: 440g/15.52oz



1* pool jet vacuum cleaner

Jet Vacuum Head Brush, Small Pool, Pond, Outdoor Tub Cleaning Suction Equipment

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