For Chorine-Free swimming pool and crystal clear swimming water


Stop wasting money on expensive pool chemicals. Let the Sun and the Ionization Process clean your pool. 

  • Reduce the need for shock and chlorine.
  • Ultra-low maintenance 
  • Powered by environmentally friendly solar panels with no expensive batteries to replace 
  • No more bleached hair or bathing suits, dry skin or itchy eyes 
  • Handles pools up to 22000 Gal.



What are the benefits of Copper Ionization?

Copper ionization is the ONLY safe, effective and healthy option for treating pools, spas, and drinking water. Study after study concludes “transition metal [Copper] Ionization to be a superior method in water disinfection.” Chlorine produces harmful byproducts like trihalomethanes, chloramines and chloroform. Copper Ionization does NOT. Copper Ions are stable. Which means it’s much easier and more effective than chlorine. Enjoy your pool without the chemical smells and damage. 

Natural Solar Pool Ioniser. Algae & Bacterial Killer. For Chlorine Free Pool

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