Made from high quality plastic material, with strengthened design, the pool vacuum head is tough, hard, wear resistant and durable, owning long using life span.
The compact 14inch size makes it easy to move and convenient to hold, flexible for cleaning job.
Easy to operate
The bottom and sides are equipped with brushes, and the bottom of the pool can be brushed while sucking the dirt with the tool, which is flexible and convenient to operate.
Scope of application
It is mainly combined with sewage pump, sewage pipe, telescopic rod and sewage cart to form a complete set of combined swimming pool sewage suction machine. Its main function is to use underwater suction for swimming pool, landscape pool and fish farm. Dust, sucks the dirt off the bottom of the pool and plays an important role in cleaning the bottom of the pool.
Directly connect the suction head to the suction pipe (note that it is connected to the joint where the suction pipe can rotate), and also put the telescopic rod into the special joint of the suction head to use it.

Type: pool vacuum head
Quantity: 1pc
Material: plastic
Color: blue and white
Size: 36cm/ 14inch
Net weight: 1110g/ 2.44lbs

1* pool vacuum head

Swimming Pool Flexible Vacuum Head With Brush, Pond Spa Suction Pool Accessories

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