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Environmentally Friendly Water Treatments

EnviroPools Asia strongly embraces new technology to deliver environmentally friendly solutions to save water, minimise or eliminate harmful and often carcinogenic chemicals in our swimming water, waterways and environment, reduce electricty and running costs, reduce maintenance and provide excellent water quality to allow the pool user to enjoy the pool to its fullest.

The use of quality robot pool cleaning systems can have the potential to provide substantial savings to pool owners. These savings are in reduction in water loss, chemical loss, electricity, labour, and pool pump & filter wear and tare. For some resorts with a number of pools, htis saving can easily be in the ten's of  thousands of dollars depending on the current method of cleaning employed. 

Contact us for a free consultation and analysis to better define potential savings our systems may offer for your unique situation. We can provide advice via email, phone or arrange a site visit and demonstration.

CALL NOW to arrange demonstration of Robots or Chemical Free water treatment process and water quality.  +60 (0)17 246 0053

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EnviroSwim ES3 Hybrid Ionization pool sanitization system

EnviroPools Asia also strongly recommends new Hybrid Ionisation systems. After having experienced Ionisation's advantages over traditional sanitisation systems (pure Chlorine/Salt/Bromine), EnviroPools Asia can vouch for the greatly improved water quality, reduction in maintenance costs, ease of maintenance, reduced running costs and much more. 

The newer Hybrid system now released by EnviroSwim is a world leader and new benchmark in eco-friendly water treatment systems. No more chlorine smells - ideal for indoor pools to remove the pervasive chorine smells and corrosive effects of salt water laden atmosphere if salt is selected. The least corrosive and least offensive water in an enclosed environment is pure fresh water. This is what Enviroswim ES3 eco-friendly system provides.  

The way ahead into the future is Enviroswim's Hybrid Ionisation water treatment systems. Don't be stuck in the past. Like the the petrol car is to the Hybrid electric car, the old Chlorine water treatment systems are now  dinosaurs in the water treatment industry when compared with the new Hybrid Inonisation treatment systems. 

Follow the link to Enviroswim's educational pages on pro's & con's of ALL common pool water treatments and make your own decision. You will agree that the day of Chlorine and salt water pools is well & truly past.

Come and visit our demonstration pool to view the results of water clarity and quality. 


Robot pool cleaning Malaysia

EnviroSwim Hybrid Ionisation System - Savings & why use it?

Eliminate dangerous & Harmful chemicals altogether:       Remove the need to store large quantities or use chlorine, stabiliser and salt. Significant savings in reduction of chemicals immediately.

Eco friendly:      The fresh, chlorine/salt free water can be discharged directly onto gardens to water them when backwashing pool filters which will still be required to be done from time to time….but nowhere as frequently as is currently done if the suggested measures are adopted. The otherwise wasted water can be utilised to promote plant growth particularly in times of dry throughout the year. This will add to additional water savings and better more efficient utilisation of the natural resource. It will add further credit to the Eco-friendly credentials of any pool owner as the most Environmentally friendly and responsible owner.


Ideal for people with Allergies and sensitive skin:       People who normally cannot tolerate Chlorine can swim freely in these pools. Resorts and guest houses can advertise their allergy free pools as a key feature for the guests to experience on their promotional advertisements and web site. This is a feature which few, if any resorts on Langkawi can offer to this date.

Improved guest’s experience:          Guests of any resorts or guest house using these systems, will highly rate the improved water quality of the freshwater swimming pools and spas that the EnviroSwim ES3 will be able to provide. The water quality will feature on guests reviews of their stay as they have done with other resorts and facilities that are using the EnviroSwim ES3 sanitization system. See  for testimonials for validation. This type of positive market feedback is invaluable marketing publicity and kudos which many resorts spend thousands on advertising campaigns to achieve.    Clearer, cleaner water – without harmful and dangerous Chlorine. The Ionisation process provides a far superior water quality which can be easily seen by the naked eye. It sparkles. Come and visit our own demonstration pool at Villa 1 Andaman Hills as a testament to this process. People will simply notice the visual difference and add to their positive feedback to their pool & Spa experience at any Resort or Guest House using this process.


Reduce Maintenance Man hours:       Only need to check for PH, alkalinity, and copper ions. No need to check for Chlorine, Salt or stabiliser. No need to store dangerous chemicals on site. No chlorine or salt required. No need to carry chemicals to the pool every day to ensure proper chlorine levels. Vacuuming is totally automated. Only 30min total required to put the robot into the pool, take it out and clean the filter bag and out it away….for up to 4 hours of automated vacuuming.


Easier to maintain chemical balance and High Water quality:      Chlorine by its very nature starts to deplete as soon as it is put into the pool. It is consumed by organic matter in the pool, bacteria and most of all, it is consumed into the atmosphere by the reaction of  UV light. Salt water pools have a double disadvantage. The chlorine which the electrolysis of salt produces, is leached in to the atmosphere by UV the same as a pure chlorine pool. But additionally, in tropical areas, high rainfall flushes the salt down the drain as rain overflows the pool and it vents to the drain. Thus it is more unstable and more difficult to keep a constant chlorine content in the salt water pool. The Salt water pool takes much more effort to keep in good chemical balance to ensure a good water quality for the pool. Often, salt water pool owners in Tropical areas resort to simply dumping chlorine into the salt water pool to keep it from turning green. So you have to ask the question – why even have a salt water pool in the Tropics?


This is a very common practice here in Asia with Salt water pools.        With the Hybrid Ionization system, the copper stays in the water and is not leached or affected by UV light. If a rain event flushes the pool slightly, the ionizer can be turned up a little to increase copper/silver production. In the mean time the electrical oxidiser and the Ultrasonic sanitizer is keeping the algae and bacteria in check while copper/silver ions return to ideal levels. NO chemical is required to be added to the pool…..a simple and much easier to maintain process.


Remove Salt water chlorinator:       And the labour required to regularly clean and de-scale this device. Eliminate water test requirement for salt content.   The EnviroSwim ES3 Hybrid Ionisation system replaces the salt water chlorinator in the pool plumbing system. Its output can be varied to control the amount of copper in the pool. Since copper is not consumed by UV, it is much more stable and therefore easier to control than chlorine and salt.  


Reduce Pump Operating times:        Since copper is very much more stable and more effective at controlling algae and sanitisation, there is real potential to significantly reduce pool pump operating times and therefore significantly reduce electricity consumption when compared to a salt water pool. A salt pool needs the pump operating for a minimum of at least 8hrs per day and often longer depending upon the pool and its use ….simply just to create the amount of chlorine to sanitise the pool. 

Perfect for Home Solar Power Installations 

Take full advantage of Sunlight:         Traditional Chlorine or Salt water pools are recommended to be run a few hours first thing in the morning and later in the evening when the sun is low and UV much less than the middle of the day. This is because chlorine gets leached from the pool water by UV.  The less the pool surface is disturbed due to pump action and circulation during the sunniest part of the day, the less chlorine is leached or lost by the action of UV.

This early period of the day and late afternoon/early evening corresponds to "peak" electrical demand period for most countries. This is generally when most energy suppliers/providers charge maximum tariff for electricity. During periods of highest demand for energy. 

Copper & Silver is not affected by UV:      Copper & silver generated by the Hybrid Ionisation process is not affected by UV. Therefore the ionisation cells and pumps can be run through the middle of the day when sunlight is strongest and the you are using electricity in the off peak period for most countries. 

MAXIMISE Home Solar Electricity generation and savings:        Because copper & silver are not affected by UV leaching, the ionisation unit and pool pump can be operated in the middle of the day when sunlight and therefore electrical generation of the home solar panels are most efficient. Plus it corresponds to generally a reduced period of mains electrical demand of the main grid. This ensures that you maximise the electricity your home solar panels are generating for your own personal consumption rather than feeding back into the grid at generally heavily discounted rates in the electricity providers favour - not yours. 

Contact us for further information or for a demonstration of either the iCHRoboter pool vacuum cleaner systems or the Enviroswim ES3 Hybrid water treatment. Discuss the advantages and costs savings these systems can provide over traditional Pool Maintenance practices.

Don't believe us! Read what many extremely satisfied customers have to say about the ENVIROSWIM Hybrid Ionisation Chemical Free, allergy free, fresh water treatment system.

Multi Cyclone Centrigugal Filters

The MultiCyclone works on the basis of centrifugal water filtration. There are no moving parts to wear and tear and no filter media to clean or  replace. Incoming water is guided by a diverter plate so that it enters multiple hydrocyclones tangentially, generating a strong centrifugal effect. This spins the sediment out to the hydrocyclone’s wall and then spirals it down to the sediment sump, while the cleansed water spirals upwards.

The MC16 model has been on the market for a while, but the clever engineers at Waterco have taken this fantastic unit one step furtherand developed the MultiCyclone MC12: a vertically-mounted, all-in-one prefiltration system. An ultra-compact design, the MC12 includes all the features and benefits of centrifugal filtration as incorporated in the MC16 model. The difference is that the MC12 contains fewer cyclones,  resulting in the unit being able to operate at lower flow rates while still being able to remove sediment from the pond water.On top of that, an air release valve has now been incorporated into both the MC12 and MC16 MultiCyclones – this not only helps to expel any unwanted air within the system, but also helps in cleaning out the sediment chamber.With a clear sediment sump so you can actually see the waste being removed from your pond system, this is the perfect piece of equipment to ensure that you get a crystal-clear view of your Koi this season.

Cyclonic Pool leaf Filter
Multi Cyclone 16
Cyclonic pool leaf filter
Multi Cyclone 12
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