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Langkawi Pool Services

EnviroPools Asia can provide a number of Services
Pool Cleaning & Maintenance Plans

EnviroPools Asia offer a variety of Pool Maintenance Solutions. From a monthly scheduled routine maintenance program to ensure the continual quality and enjoyment of your pool to an "as required" recovery of pools which may have turned green or cloudy and beyond the scope of standard owner maintenance for recovery.......Call or fill out the contact form to discuss how we may be able to assist. 

Green unhealthy pool
Clean healthy pool

EnviroPools Asia  can provide training on site for pool owners or pool maintenance staff for resorts. In order to ensure your staff are looking after your valuable pool asset correctly and providing a pleasant experience for yourself or your guests. 

Ensure that your Resort pools will be a centrepiece to be proud of. That they will be the source of positive reviews and increased bookings rather than one of negative reviews and bad publicity.

Contact us now to discuss possible Staff training or monitoring programs we can offer.

Robot Repairs & Servicing 

EnviroPools Asia is the approved repair centre for the iCHRoboter Pool cleaner range in the Malaysian area. We have a full range of spare parts if required. While the iCHRoboter cleaners are designed to be inherently reliable and durable, periodic replacement parts or repairs may be required due mishandling or misadventure. LPD's have the full range of spares for all models and support the after sales servicing if customers require that level of service.

Through EnviroPools Asia, the iCHRoboter range of robots provides one of the leading automatic pool cleaners 

available today. EnviroPools Asia's after sales support and repair 

capability ensures trouble-free enjoyment.

Repairs4 LoRes
Repairs3 LoRes
Repair5 LoRes
Repairs1 LoRes

EnviroPools Asia are available for specific consultancy to individual pool owner domestic or commercial. We can provide on-site analysis of a pool and possible causes of problems customers may be encountering. This may vary from Water quality, pumping issues, filtration issues, sanitation issues or to advise on alternative and more efficient ways to maintain pool water quality, eg Chlorination, Salt Water chlorinaton or ionisation.


Or perhaps a combination of these to provide the best water quality solution and lower maintenance costs. 

If you are having problems keeping pools, ponds or spas clean, contact us and we may be able to offer some on-site guidance and alternatives to your exisiting arrangements.

EnviroPools demonstration pool
EnviroPools demonstration pools
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