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iChroboter/Robo-Tek - PARTS

Please use the CONTACT form to order any parts. For any parts that may be required, please use the parts diagram and numbering below to request the specific item and quantity of items required when contacting us to allow us to better serve you. 

RoboPro 200 Parts diagram

Pool Chemicals, 

EnviroPools Asia can provide a comprehensive range of Pool Chemicals. Cleaning Equipment and a range of pool accessories.
Pool Chemicals
  • Hypochlorite - Non-Stabilised Granules - 45 Kg

  • Hypochlorite 70% - Stabilised Granules - 45Kg

  • Waterclon 70% - Stabilised Granules - 40kg

  • Chlorine Tablets 90% Stabilised - 50kg/25kg/5kg

  • Buffer 

  • Acid

  • Ph increase

  • Ph decrease

  • Salt

  • Pool test strips

Cleaning Equipment
  • Scoop Net 1

  • Scoop Net 2

  • Stainless steel brush

  • Nylon Brush

Pool Hardware

A range of pumps, chlorinators and ionisers can be offered.

Most Popular items:

  • Robo-Tek/iCleaner Automatic Robot pool  vacuum cleaners. Save time, water, chemicals and money.


  • EnviroSwim ES3 Hybrid Ionisation water treatment system. 


  • Multi-Cyclone   cyclonic pre-filter cleaning system. Save water, maintenacne time, sand filter and cartridge filters.

Pool Accessory Equip
  • Pool LED Lights

  • Vacumm heads

  • Vacuum Hose

  • Pool Lounge U/V resistant

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