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Automatic Robotic

Pool Cleaners

EnviroPools  Asia

Who Are We?    

EnviroPools Asia provides:

  • New sales, support, spares and repairs of the Robo-Tek/iCleaner robots we sell.


  • Pool Accessory & Maintenance and cleaning service.


  • Staff training & Consultation for problem pools


  • Pool Cleaning Chemicals and equipment


The experience behind the EnviroPools Asia spans over 50 years of Tropical Pool maintenance. Tropical areas spanning the tropics of Far North Queensland, Australia to over 4 years on the island of Langkawi. We have experience in managing pools here on Langakwi and have direct access to other reputable Pool Equipment and Service providers in Kuala Lumpur and in Australia.  Our staff are experienced and trained local and international team members. These members all being fully supervised and mentored by the highly experienced and reputable management team who are always available for one-on-one consultations and trouble shooting of any problems that Pool owners may have. 

Our aim is to bring the latest technology to pool owners in the Asian region. Many pool owners have been using cleaning methods and sanitization systems which are based on technology from the 60's. Many of these technologies are based on some dangerous poisons and skin irritants if handled incorrectly. EnviroPools Asia has available for the first time in one centre in the Malaysian/Thailand region, both the cleaning methods and the sanitisation systems to significantly reduce your pool maintenance work load, the chemicals used, the cost of maintenance and significantly improve your water quality to make your pool more enjoyable.

The new technologies that EnviroPools Asia now brings to Asia, has been taking Australia and other pool populations by storm. 

Along with bringing these technologies to Asia, EnviroPools Asia  in association with its close colleagues in the pool cleaning (RoboTek/iCHRoboter) and sanitisation (EnviroSwim) aims to educate the pool community about the new technology and money saving that they can provide over traditional long held beliefs and practices still so common in the Asian areas today.

Robo-Rover/iCleaner Rover Model - Ideal for pools with built-in obstacles such as stools, umbrellas, rocks, features, bars etc.
Short power & control chord to prevent snagging on pool obstacles. Perfect to leave unattended to clean up those difficult to clean pools which ordinary cleaning systems have problems with.
What we do

Robo-Tek/iCHRobot Cleaners: Distributors for North Malaysia and Thailand for Robo-Tek/ iCHRoboter pool vacuum cleaners. Providing direct access to Langkawi for one of the world’s leading Robotic Pool cleaners. They are a range of stand-alone electric vacuum cleaners for Pools. The range covers small, residential pools through to resort and Olympic sized pools for public use. 

Repairs & Spares: EnviroPools Asia provides spares & repairs for all iCleaner Robotic cleaners sold. Servicing and repairs will be able to be completed ON Langkawi. EnviroPools Asia will be the only repair venue and parts supplier for these cleaners in Malaysia, Thailand & Indonesia. You won’t have to buy a replacement cleaner in 3 years time if a part breaks. EnviroPools Asia provides complete spares back up and repairs service if required.

Pool Maintenance, Cleaning & Accessories: 


EnviroPools Asia offers pool maintenance and cleaning services for resorts or residence. Maintenance and cleaning plans can be tailored for individual requirements.  EnviroPools Asia can provide the man power, the skill, the chemicals, the equipment. As an integral part of this service is the regular water testing to ensure the chemical balance is maintained and water quality remains in tip top condition.

Staff Training & Consultation Services.

EnviroPools Asia can provide a comprehensive training service for new staff. Or periodic consultancy to ensure your staff is looking after your valued pool asset and maintaining the water quality to ensure your pool is a centre piece of enjoyment and fun for your residence or Hotel….not a troublesome money pit. EnviroPools Asia  can offer consultation and evaluation of your  specific pool cleaning system. We can offer possible different methods which can reduce your monthly chemical bill and improve your pool's water qualtiy and making it easier to look after.

Whats best for you? Salt? Pure Chlorine? Ionisation? A mix? We can offer information which can allow you to make the most informed decision for the best sanitisation system for your pool is available for on-site consultation to any Pool which owners may have concerns with. We are able to troubleshoot and suggest remedies to rectify troublesome pools - alternative and more efficient ways of keeping pools clean, healthy and inviting. To restore them to places of fun and enjoyment for all rather than being a problem and of constant work, cost and frustration.

Pool Cleaning Chemicals and Equipment: 

EnviroPools Asia can provide all your pool cleaning chemicals and equipment. Visit our Products page for a list of items available.

iCHRoboter Rover robotic pool cleaner
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