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Automatic Robotic

Pool Cleaners

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Freshwater Swimming Pools 

A Two Part Pool Solution to Low Cost, Low Maintenance Enviro friendly freshwater pools:

  1. iCleaner (Now called RoboTek) fully automatic robotic pool vacuum cleaning system, AND

  2. EnviroSwim Hybrid ionisation water sanitiser system.


NO MORE CHLORINE, get rid of salt.


Immediate Return On Investment and Cost Savings for iCHRoboter & EnviroSwim combination

There are numerous cleaning systems for swimming pools. But one thing is for certain, the original method of manually vacuuming a swimming pool is very inefficient. Both in wasted man hours, cleaning effectiveness, wasted chemicals, wasted water, wear & tear on pool filtration systems or additional filtration/pump equipment.

Power Saving:   The iCleaner/RoboTek robots are a fully automatic 29V robotic pool vacuum cleaning system. This is significantly less than the pool pumps which owners currently use.  


More Thorough Cleaning than Manual Vacuum:   Much more efficient at cleaning walls steps, corners and water lines compared to a manual vacuum cleaner and worker. Less solid material in the water means less consumption of chemicals. 


Significant Reduction in labour required:    The iCHRoboter/RoboTek is easily handled by only 1 person. During this automatic cycle, the pool attendant is now free to perform other tasks or if teh pool owner....sit back and have a cup of coffee and watch the robot clean the pool


Significant Water Savings:    During the vacuum process, the iCleaner/RoboTek robots holds ALL the dirt that it vacuums within its microfiber filter bag. Manual vacuum cleaning must discharge its waste water either back to the pool main pump and sand filter system, which then requires a long backwash to clean, or discharge direct o the drain ie the environment….chlorine laden water. Significant savings can be made from this alone.

Reduced backwash’s reduces wasted chemicals.     It is difficult to put an exact figure on how much Chlorine and salt are currently being flushed down the drain with every backwash. But an average of 6-10 min would be used at approx. 400lt/min means that new fresh water must be added from the town water supply thus diluting exisiting chemicals and requiring top up. 


Reduces Chemical Use:     Because the iCleaner/RoboTek Robot saves water, by default it saves chemical usage by not discharging it down the drain.  These chemicals can be chlorine, salt, copper, silver, bromine, acid or soda ash depending on the type of pool.


Reliable:     These robots have in-service proof of years of reliable service. To improve and ensure on-going maintenance of service, EnviroPools Asia is the only approved Service centre in Malaysia for iCleaner/RoboTek robots. Most small repairs can be done by the owner, but EPA is available for servicing if required and caries the full range of spares and parts should they be required assuring of on-going support.


Extension of life to pool sand filter overhaul:     By removing most of the dirt, grit and debris from going through the pool pump and sand filter. This provides the following advantages:

  1. Reduced grit which erodes pump impellors and wears bearings

  2. Reduces siltation and compaction of the sand filter – therefore significantly extends life of main sand filter beyond 4-5 years….saves measureable cost in down time, labour and material  by extending period between changing sand filter medium.


Improves agitation and flow of pool water:         Eliminates any “dead” spots due to poorly positioned pool outlets. This poor flow may be result in algae growths caused by poor positioning of the inlet valves into the pool causing a poor flow and circulation pattern around the pool. The water jet from the iCleaner/RoboTek robot stirs the water column and increases flow distribution preventing algae growth areas.

RoboTek Pool robots

Selected Best Pool Robot 2021 - Australia
By Independent Product

Robots are Ideal For :

The iCleaner/RoboTek Pool cleaning robots are ideal for pools common on Langkawi in Malaysia, Singapore & Thailand. Pools that do not have built in skimmer boxes to enable alternative automatic pool vacuum systems to be used, are ideal for the iCleaner/RoboTek Robot vacuum systems.


Pools with wet edges or pools with surround grated skimmer drain filtration systems are ideal for the iCleaner/RoboTek pool cleaning systems. These robots take away the time and additional equipment which traditionally has been wasted on trying to keep these style of pools clean. 

Pool Robot working in the rain. Pool cleaning services and Maintenance

Works in The Rain - 

Without Complaints

RoboTek/iCleaner robots work up to 4hours continuous cycle- even in the rain. Ideal for all pool surfaces. Does walls, steps wet edges. 

Ideal for Infinity Edge pools or pools with surround grated skimmer drain filtration systems

Pool robot working in the rain. Pool cleaning services and Maintenance.
Pool robot working in Westin Resort Pool Langkawi. Pool Cleaning services
What Type of Pool?  - Any type of pool. Salt water, Chlorine, Ionisation or Bromine.
What Shape Pool? - ANY
What Surface?    - Concrete, Pebble, Tile, Fibreglass, slate, 
What Depth? - Minimum operating depth 300mm (approx 18inch)
What Filtration is required? - Has its own self contained filtration system. All iCleaners come standard with a 70 & 20 Micron filter system option. For pools with greater leaf and debris problems, a courser 120 micron filter is available.
RoboTekPro pool robot vacum cleaner

Can Do Shallow Ponds, Balance Tanks

& Wading Pools

Clean Shallow Ponds, Balance Tanks & Wading pools - RoboTek/iCleaner robots can operate in shallow water to minimum of 10-12inches deep. This makes cleaning shallow ponds, wading pools and balance tanks much easier than a manual vacuum system. Providing the depth can cover the outlet duct, the robot can continue to operate. 

Ideal for removing sand, silt, sediments, seeds and vegetation debris.

Pool robot working in shallow pool or pond. Pool Cleaning services and maintenance.
Pool Robot working shallow pool or pond. Pool cleaning services and maintenance.
Automatic Robot working in shalllow pool or pond. Pool cleaning services and maintenance Langkawi

Why Use a RoboTek Robot?

What is the problem with using the pool’s own pump and filtration system?

The abrasive nature of solid, fine particles such as sand, dirt, gravel, rock or concrete/construction dust from nearby construction or works is sucked up by vacuum system and due to the relatively course nature of the skimmer baskets and inlet baskets of pumps, these particles are free to abrasively wear the edges of the pumps impellers and bearings. After going through the pump, these particles are trapped in the Main Filter. This may be a sand, glass or diatomaceous earth medium or perhaps a paper element cartridge. This material now gets trapped in the filter medium. If it is a particle filter, this will need backwashing with the subsequent loss of water and pool chemicals (salt/chlorine/stabiliser/acid/buffer). But some of this material will remain trapped in the filter medium. Ultimately this filter medium will become clogged with compacted dirt/cement/construction material making the filter less and less efficient to the point after a few years where the medium will have to be emptied and replaced… ..a costly and time consuming affair.  


For either a cartridge filter or particle filtration system, it is clear that by using a skimmer box vacuum system or manual vacuum point plumbed into the side of the pool, it will mean much shorter life for the filter cartridge or filtration medium. 

Simple, Easy-to-Clean, Self-Contained Filtration System.

Efficient FIltration - 302lts/min

A simple microfibre filter bag system. 20-70micron filtration efficiency. Easy to install, remove and clean. Efficiently collects hair, sand, hair pins (prevents rust stains). 

No wasted water. Water is re-cycled within the pool. Not disposed of to waste or through the main pool filtration system. Extends life of pool filter medium. Considerably less backwashing required - Significantly less water bills, less chemical wastage, less salt, less man hours.

Simply clean with a garden hose.

RoboTek/iCleaner Robots:

ANY SURFACE: Robo-Plus/iCleaner120 can be used on any pool surface - Tile, Pebble, Concrete, Fibreglass. Ideal for small and domestic residential pools.

RoboPlus Pool cleaning robot
iCHRoboter robot 120 Robot Pool Cleaner
Ideal for Domestic Pools
Robo-Plus/iCleaner 120 ideal for domestic pools. Makes light work of efficiently removing pollen, silt, flowers, seeds & fronds from Palm trees.   Prevents blocked skimmer boxes, sand filters and balance tanks. Significantly reduce the numbers of backwashes required.  Silt and fine material is trapped in the Robot - not the Sand Filter.  Ideal to keep tropical pools clean automatically and free up your leisure time.

ANY SURFACE:  Robo-Pro/iCleaner200 can be used on any pool surface - Tile, Pebble, Concrete, Fibreglass. Powerful, dual motor robot. Ideal for commercial applications & 

larger domestic, condominium and smaller resort pools

iCHRoboter Robot Cleaner 200 RoboPro Robot Pool Cleaner. Pool cleaning services and maintenance
RoboPro automatic pool cleaning robot

ANY SURFACE:  Robo-Max/iCleaner200D can be used on any pool surface - Tile, Pebble, Concrete, Fibreglass. Ideal for large Resort pools or Public Olympic sized swimming pools (i.e. 25- 50mtrs)

iCHRoboter Robot Cleaner 200d RoboMax Robot pool cleaner. Pool Cleaning services and maintenance
Robomax Commercial pool cleaning robot for big pools
Robo-Rover/iCleaner Rover Model 
Ideal for pools with built-in obstacles such as stools, umbrellas, rocks, features, bars etc.
Short power & control chord to prevent snagging on pool obstacles. Perfect to leave unattended to clean up those difficult to clean pools which ordinary cleaning systems have problems with.
iCHRoboter Rover robotic pool cleaner
RoboRover battery operated pool cleaning robot Tangle free
ROBOROVER battery.png
Climbs Walls & Fittings
Negotiates Corners with ease
Robo-Pro/iCleaner 200 Does Corners

Robo-Pro/iCleaner proves it loves getting into the corners......Another place where cleaning is fiddly and ineffective with normal vacuuming techniques.

Shallow Ponds & Pools
Robo-Pro/iCleaner Does Shallow Ponds & Pools

Robo-Pro/iCleaner can operate in only 250mm or 10inch depth. Self-protection devices protect it's motors from overheating and cavitation. It can clean the deepest pool and up to and include the shallow beaches.

Robo-Pro/iCleaner 200 Edge Clean

The motor of the Robo-Pro/iCleaner is so powerful, it can climb the wall using only half its suction capability. This means it will do your edges..........

Climbs Steps
Robo-Pro/iCleaner 200 Does Steps

Robo-Pro/iCleaner makes light work of steps of all shapes and sizes. Watch is agility as it climbs and manoeuvres all over these steps to demonstrate its unstoppable power and ability

RoboTek Pool robots

Selected Best Pool Robot 2021 - Australia
By Independent Product

Clear Freshwater Pools:

Why Use a Hybrid Ionization pool sanitization system?

The EnviroSwim ES3 is a revolutionary hybrid sanitization system which now allows a freshwater swimming pool with no chlorine required and eliminates the need to constantly add salt. It provides drinking quality water to swim in. No more chlorine or salt. No need to shower after a swim because the water is as good as what comes out of the tap. This in itself will save water in resorts where guests won’t need to take a shower after a swim….additional water savings .

Ideal for small resort pools and residential poools

What the EnviroSwim Hybrid Ionisation sytem can do for you:

Save Money
Eliminate all dangerous & Harmful chemicals altogether
Clearer, cleaner water – without Harmful and dangerous Chlorine
Ideal for people with Allergies and sensitive skin
Reduce Maintenance Man hours
Easier to maintain chemical balance and High Water quality
Remove Salt water chlorinator
Reduce Pump Operating times
Eco Friendly - a true freshwater swimming experience
Increase water qualiy and enjoyment of the pool by swimmers and owners
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For additional information on the EnviroSwim ES3 chlorine free system - click here
For additional information on the Robo-Tek/iCleaner range of robots - click here
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